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Discover Ben Young

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Here is Ben Young, CSBK Pro SBK number 86

When did you start doing motorcycle and how/why?

1997 I was 3 and got a bike for Christmas after the influence of my father.

When did you start doing races and how/why?

When i was 13 I started road racing attending the same races as my father.

What do you like about racing?

The thrill for two wheels

Your past achievement?

3rd in CSBK Pro Sbk championship

Your future goals?

To win the Pro SBK and race back in europe

Your favorite racetrack and why?

Sachsenring Germany, I enjoy counter clockwise circuits

What is your motorcycle and its main modification?

BMW S1000RR, stock apart from chassis upgrades

What helmet/suit/gloves/boots/other protection do you use?

Axo for Boots, leathers and gloves and Arai For helmets

What other occupation then motorcycle do you have?

Full time carpenter and work part time at the local mountain Bike and Ski shop.

What reason would you give a friend about trying out racing/trackday

Much safer than riding on the streets

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