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Meet Johann Plancque

Here is Johann Plancque ‘’Jo le Francais’’ of St-Jerome, racer in the CSBK lightweigh serie

When did you start doing motorcycle and how/why?

My father always had motorcycles, so I got in pretty early (like Obelix). At 19 years old, I passed my motorcycle license and bought my first bike, a Suzuki SV650.

When did you start doing races/trackdays and how/why?

I started doing trackday in 2004 on my SV1000. Some friends were already doing it for several years and gave me the will powers to try it. With all this practice, I’ve tried the competition experience in 2007 with a 4 hours endurance race aboard a Honda CBR 600. After that, I participated in numerous competitions: twice the 24H of Barcelona, Promosport France championship, Challenge Protwin, Michelin power cup and 03z cup.

What do you like about racing/trackday?

What I like the most is the fight on track. Pushing our limits, always go faster and get better results. The adrenaline of the start, the overtaking and the joy of crossing the finish line are all extraordinary feelings.

Your past achievement?

Since I came to Quebec in July 2016, I participated in the 2017 CSBK Ninja 300 category (renamed Lightweight for next year). A couple of podium this season gave me the 5th rank in the championship at the end of the season, even with a race weekend missing.

Your future goals?

For 2018, I plan on continuing the CSBK lightweight to go get more podium and why not the number 1 plate (but I call for a hard fight). The endurance side is still in my mind after my two participations at the 24 hours of Barcelona. So we will see what life brings me for Canada or Europe.

Your favorite racetrack and why?

In France, without a doubt the Ledenon circuit for his technical side with its blind corner and its elevation changes. We nicknamed it the rollercoaster by the way. In Canada, I do not have enough reference (except the CSBK one) so to this day I would say it’s Shubenacadie for the same reason as Ledenon: the elevation change and the blind corner.

What is your motorcycle and its main modification?

To this day, I ride a 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300. Not much modification because the rules are really strict in my category. So a race bodywork, a Hindle Slip-On and a Dynojet power commander. Everything else is OEM. We will change that for 2018

What protection equipment do you use

Suit : Gimoto

Boots : Gaerne

Gloves : Oxford

What other occupation then motorcycle do you have?

I have to admit that a good part of my activities are motorcycle related. So when I’m not riding, I simply enjoy the time spend with my wife and my son.

What reason would you give a friend about trying out racing/trackday

The reason is pretty simple: for safety. Even if you are searching for the limits, the runoff areas are sufficient and first responders are on site. Personally I feel a lot safer on a track then on the street. And everything you will learn on the track will be useful on the road (race lines, emergency braking, slide control).

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