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New challenges and partners for Sebastien Tremblay

With a limited CSBK season and an World stage 24 hours endurance race in 2017, Sebastien Tremblay come back with strenght to the scene with a new partner. Tony Durand from DB Moto, from the new Artic cat and Kawasaki dealer in the Sainte-Julienne region, and the Shaker join their effort to launch the season in the Pro sportbike categorie. With the acquired experience during the mythical race of the Bol d’or, the numer 24 is ready to confront the challenge of changing categories.

‘’I’ve been thinking about going in 600cc for a while now because I have a riding style that suit these machines better. There is also an increase of competition since the last few year in this categorie, so its garanteed fun. I’m excited’’

‘’I have never completed a Pro sportbike season, some races here and there, but never for a victory.’’


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With the addition of DB Moto and S.T. Motosport, the team should be able to get a competitive season. Sebastien would like to thanks his returning support of Moto-nation and Crossfit Laval, two loyal partners that keeps helping him throughout the years.

To read more about the endurance race or know more about Sebastien Tremblay, please visit

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