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Recycle for our security

Here is the ‘’air fence’’ protection system that the CBSK and most of the Motorcycle road racing sanctions use across the world. It keeps riders safe in case of an impact with an object/wall that could be dangerous even fatal.

Take a look at a Canadian rider trying it out at the St-Eustache national. The Rider involved is Michael Leon

Did you see the big cushion? These types of fences are very expensive and require a careful maintenance. It is difficult for a Track day promoters to get a hand on these things, but recently, a new type of protection cushion design made its debut. Much less expensive and doesn’t require much maintenance (except placing it where it belong). We are talking here of bag made of plastic bottle (i.e. water bottle). This is a wonderful way of recycling while helping rider stay safe on the racetrack

These bags are already very popular in Ontario and in Nova-Scotia, but very little known here in Quebec. The amount of bottle required to fill up a bag is quite considerable. So we are looking for deposit points where the motorcycle community will be able to bring us their empty bottles. Help us fill plenty of bags this winter. We are available to pick up the empty bottle in the greater Montreal region when there will considerable amount.

The bottles absolutely need a cap and it should not already be crushed: Water bottle, soft drink bottle, windshield washer container and similar type of ‘’flexible’’ plastic

Thank you for helping keeping us safe while recycling! Don't forget to subscribe to get all the news!

I will be updating here with the deposit points. 1. Laval Moto

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