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Community interview

You’re a motorcycle racer or a trackday rider? Here is your chance to get known, answer these questions to my email and I will gladly post them on my site.

  1. Your name, nickname (if the case), your categories (championship or group color) and your rider’s number?

  2. When did you start doing motorcycle and how/why?

  3. When did you start doing races/trackdays and how/why?

  4. What do you like about racing/trackday?

  5. Your past achievement?

  6. Your future goals?

  7. You favorite racetrack and why?

  8. What is your motorcycle and its main modification?

  9. What helmet/suit/gloves/boots/other protection do you use?

  10. What other occupation then motorcycle do you have?

  11. What reason would you give a friend about trying out racing/trackday

  12. List here you sponsor/company (with link if possible)

You can give me a link to your webpage/facebook/instagram/twitter so that people interested in following you can easily reach you. I will need one picture of you without helmet and two in action.

The goal of this website is increase the visibility of the motorcycle racing in Quebec/Canada, so make sure people subscribe to the mailing list. The order of publication will be first come first served and one racer and one trackday rider will be posted per week. If you can translate it in French it would be great, otherwise I will do it.

Answer to this email:



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Revenez bientôt
Dès que de nouveaux posts seront publiés, vous les verrez ici.
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