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Welcome to my website

My name is Sebastien Tremblay, I am doing motorcycle roadracing since the year 2008. I've had my professional License since 2010 and since 2017 I've started doing endurance race in europe. With my professional racing experience and 5 year of parts and accessory department manager in a motorcycle dealership, I present you my experience within this website.

Here you will find my race report, my update on future events, product reviews, mecanic tips and much more regarding sport bike and closed course riding. From the avid trackday rider/racer to the begginer that is starting riding, you will find information that will suit you.


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For sure all of these take an incredible amount of time to create, you will find on this site link that give you the opportunity to buy products(motorcycle related). If you like reading me, and was looking at buying something, please get through these link as it will help this website get better. If you still want to help me without buying, you can do so by clicking on the paypal Donate button located under the menu. It is a 20$ donation, if you want to give more, you can either do it multiple time or inquire directly in the contact form.

Thanks to all and have a great read!





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