With a limited CSBK season and an World stage 24 hours endurance race in 2017, Sebastien Tremblay come back with strenght to the scene with a new partner. Tony Durand from DB Moto, from the new Artic cat and Kawasaki dealer in the Sainte-Julienne region,  and the Shaker join their effort to launch the season in the Pro sportbike categorie. With the acquired experience during the mythical race of the Bol d’or, the numer 24 is ready to confron...


Deposit in St-Eustache. Euromoto is a shop made for motorcycle enthusiast. Pirelli race tire distributor in the Montreal a...


Here is a new deposit location. Moto Experts is a shop specialized in motorcycle. It is now possible for you to bring you empty b


Here is Ben Young, CSBK Pro SBK number 86 When did you start doing motorcycle and how/why?1997 I was 3 and got a bike for...


Everything you need to know about your first expense when you start doing trackdays. From your motorcycle to your gear.


Laval Moto is a Suzuki and Kawasaki dealer. It is now possible for you to bring your empty bottle at the parts or accessory counter. While you’re there, go see their great helmet and clothes selections. Contribute to the safety of our rider. To know how to help, take a tour on this page: Recycle for our safety


Here is Michael Leon, CSBK & RACE PRO Superbike rider number 74 When did you start doing motorcycle and how/why?           Started riding at age 17, because motorcycles are awesome!!!!


Recycle your used water bottle to keep us safe. Keep them and bring them to your closest deposit point.


Cliquez ici pour la version francaise

Here is Johann Plancque ‘’Jo le Francais’’ of St-Jerome, racer in the CSBK lightweigh serie

When did you start doing motorcycle and how/why?

          My father always had motorcycles, so I got in pretty early (like Obelix). At 19 years old, I passed my motorcycle license and bought my first bike, a Suzuki SV650. 

When did you start doing races/trackdays and how/why?

          I start...


You’re a motorcycle racer or a trackday rider? Here is your chance to get known, answer these questions to my email and I will gladly post them on my site.

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