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Native from St-Hubert, Sebastien is an avid motorcycle for several years. Having started on the road in 2006 , he decided to transfer his passion towards racing from 2008 closed circuit, at the age of only 20! He made ​​his debut at RACE ( regional) and CDNSBK (national) and ranks 7th and 20th respectively on his ZX6R. Learning is good but the racing world is not always easy.

On his first full amateur season in 2009, Sebastien was always on the podium finishing shy of the championship. He then received his Pro license. 

Over the years , Sebastien meets Renée Larouche and Stéphane Brisebois, owner of Moto-Nation (which is a rental company for motorcycle on track). Renée and Stéphane, both passionate about motorcycle racing for years decided to take Sébastien under their wings. Their partnership last for more than 6 years already. Sebastien, who was driving a Honda CBR1000 2008 is now riding for the team Moto Nation on a BMW S1000RR 2010.

In 2014, Sebastien switched to a Kawasaki ZX10R and had his first podium in the Pro Superbike categorie. The following year, he was able to grab two podium spot, one a calabogie and the other in st-eustache. 


In 2017, he has been invited to make an appearance in an endurance race in France. The Atomic Motosport team ran the bol d'or with Sebastien being parts of the team. 

Since 2015, Sebastien is instructor at moto-nation the and he provides personalized and customized courses for students (see tab " Racing course" for more information).

Sebastien train nearly every day at Crossfit Laval to keep fit for the extreme sport that is motorcycle racing.



Goal for 2018:


Sebastien's goals for the 2018 season:

- Be consistent in speed throughout the year

- Go back to europe for more endurance race

- Finding better setup every weekend

- Get a fastest lap of the race

- Bringing it home on two wheels every weekend

- Finish the overall season on the podium!



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Rose Gradito Photographe




            Rnd 3: 6th

            Rnd 6: 11th 

            Rnd 7: 10th


          EWC: Bol d'or 2017


2016: CSBK(National)

            Rnd 1: 6th

            Rnd 2: 7th
            Rnd 3: 4th

            Rnd 4: 6th

            Rnd 5: 6th

            Rnd 6: 7th 

            Rnd 7: 8th

            Year end result: 6th


2015: CSBK (National)

            Rnd 1: 3rd

            Rnd 2: 3rd
            Rnd 3: 6th

            Rnd 4: 6th

            Rnd 5: 7th

            Rnd 6: 8th 

            Rnd 7: 6th

            Year end result: 4th


2014: CSBK (National)

            Rnd 1: 5th

            Rnd 2: 3rd
            Rnd 3: 7th

            Rnd 4: 4th

            Rnd 5 : 4th

            Year end result: 4th, 7 points off 2nd


2013: CSBK (National)

            Rnd 1: 6th

            Rnd 2: 5th

            Rnd 3: Missedth

            Rnd 4: 5th

            Rnd 5: 4th

            Rnd 6: 6th

            Year end result: 6th, 1 point off 4th


2012: CSBK (National)

            Rnd 1: 10th
            Rnd 2: 9th
            Rnd 3: 8th
            Rnd 4: 8th 

            Rnd 5: 6th

            Rnd 6: 6th

            Year end result: 8th,

            ** Winner of the award "Pro rookie of the year"


          TFR (Regional)

             Rnd 1: 1st

             Rnd 2: 3rd

             Rnd 3: 2nd

             Rnd 4: 1st

             Year end result: Defending champion (2011, 2012)


2011: National PSBK: 14th
           Regional PSBK: 1st


2010: National Pro 600: 15

            Regional: No rank


2009: National Am 600: 2nd, 6 races, 6 podiums

            Regional Am 600: No rank


2008: National AM 600 : 20th
            Regional AM 600: 7th

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